Nature-Inspired Computing for Efficiency
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Artificial Fish Swarm Artificial Fish Swarm
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Hoopoe Heuristic Hoopoe Heuristic
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Who Are We

NICE (Nature-Inspired Computing for Efficiency) is a research group established in 2013 to facilitate and accelerate research and to provide solutions based on imitating the successful behavior in nature. It is a growing community containing many active smart people.
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Research Areas

Nature-Inspired Optimization for
  • Astronomical Image Processing,
  • Big Data,
  • Brain-Computer Interface,
  • Social Networks , and
  • Robotics
These research areas are based on the futuristic candidate research proposals released by the European Union.

Candidate research proposals by European Union


Nature-inspired problem solving is a hot research arena. We welcome any collaboration and suggestions, especially from members of similar research groups. To join us or if you have any suggestions, you can click the feedback button to the right.
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